Catching Feelings

Hey! Yes, you! Remember me? I used to be your friend. I used to be the one who supports you in all things. The one who act weird just to make you happy when you are sad. The one who always tell you positive things when your thoughts are negative. You ask me why I do these things? It is because we’re best friends. We talk every single time. We make fun of small things and laugh like a child.

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Thinking of You

Don’t sleep late at night thinking of the things he might do that will break your heart.

Don’t let her sleep late at night without making her feel comfortable that she can trust you.

Because the truth is……

Over-thinking is the reason why nothing last forever.                                                                         Continue reading

Waiting in Vain

The last time we met each other is …….No – you really did not appear in the place that you told me we’ll meet. I’ve actually waited for hours hoping that you just got late. While I was sitting on the bench, I was imagining that your ghost was there. I’m still lucky that your ghost accompanied me while I was waiting for your body.                                                                                 Continue reading

Little Do You Know

    When I first met you, I really adore you. You are the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever met. I love how comfortable I am with you. I love how comfortable you are with me.

I still remember when you told me stories about him. I remember your eyes were so bright. I remember how you smile every time you say his name. It was the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, believe me. Every time we’re together, you can’t stop talking about him. So I told you that maybe you have fallen in love with him. It took you awhile before you replied to me. Then you told me that he is just a friend. On that moment, you smiled differently. I can see from the look on your face that what I’ve said made you wonder.                                                                          Continue reading

You with the Sad Eyes

Yesterday you were smiling, but It doesn’t show in your eyes.

There are moments that I can see you passing along the hallways, Alone. At that moment I want to accompany you. But All I can do is just stare at you. Stare at your face. Stare at how tired your eyes are. I want to hug you and remind you that life is too beautiful to be sad. I may not know what you are going through, but I want to remind you that life is too short to be unhappy.                                                                                                                                                               Continue reading