Muscle Memory: Past Love playing on Repeat

Muscle Memory is not memory stored in our muscles, but memories stored in our brain. It is the reason why we learn how to crawl and walk overtime when we were just a baby. The moment we learn how to walk, we are eventually building neural pathways that will give the muscles a sense of memory. In other words, it’s the reason why we learn how to walk without even thinking or forcing ourselves to walk because the body just knows how to do it.

Muscle memory becomes an unconscious process, where we don’t need to learn all over again everything that we practice.

Once our muscles get used to the motion, they “remembered” for us.

It’s really incredible that most of the things we do have something to do with muscle memory. We use muscle memory even with the act of drinking, eating, writing, speaking, typing, and even the act of opening our eyes.

 So what does Muscle Memory got something to do about why someone is having a hard time forgetting his/her past love?

It’s because our hearts is also made up of muscles. So it means, our hearts also have muscle memory.

Even if we try hard to forget someone, our hearts will always remember.

The heart remembers everyone who has touched it. It remembers the pain, happiness, and past loves.

So when someone mention the name of your past love, even he is on a crowded place, you’ll always search for his face. Then, when you see his name on social media account alerting you with his new relationship. Your heart will remember this person. You’ll feel your heart pounding because your muscle memory is remembering how much that person meant to you.

        Why You can’t forget about your ex by The Ambrose Girls

Regardless of the time that has passed, the work you’ve done to move on and how happy you might really be, it just takes the tiniest trigger of his or her existence to send you reeling down memory lane.

One sighting, one call and one text is all it takes to make you feel like you’re right back on the emotional rollercoaster that started when he or she broke you.

Your heart’s remembrance of this person brings a flood of memories and small things you had totally forgotten about.

Casual nights sharing pizza on the couch with movies, small talk while you were making breakfast and little comments you never found significant at the time all come to mind instantaneously.

All these “little” things are the comprising pieces of the big picture that was your relationship.

These memories force you to think about your relationship, and even make sure you miss that person.

It makes you think things you wish you never did.

“What if it had been different?”

“Why am I still feeling this strongly?”

“Will we ever get another shot at love?”

The heart’s memory is sharp, descriptive and painful. But more than anything, it is real.

It doesn’t discriminate the good times and the bad.

It remembers all.

It makes you think more about how you felt around that person than the actions that transpired between the two of you.

For that reason, your heart’s memory of someone who touched it intimately is probably the most accurate memory you will have of that person.

Your heart’s memory is not tainted by the opinions of others. It carries with it emotions that are unique to you and kept strictly in the confines of your past.

Everyone in the world could hate your ex (and for good reason), but your heart still can’t really change how you feel about him or her.

These feelings and memories your heart carries with it cannot be duplicated ever again.

They will never be forgotten.

Even if you were to share similar moments in the future with your ex, they wouldn’t feel the same. Your heart will know the difference.

The biggest issue is the fact that we can’t turn our muscle memories off.

Unless we encounter huge, traumatic brain injuries, our muscles will always remember what they have learned.

Your heart is no different: It always remembers.

You can push someone out of your head and thoughts like the best mind ninja to walk the earth, but your heart still won’t forget.

Know that although you may never lose certain feelings in your heart for someone, this just means you weren’t meant to be.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this person truly touched your heart forever.

It can be a beautiful thing to remember.

Appreciate the memories your heart will always keep, but allow yourself to try and heal.

Move on and know your heart has some great new memories to make.

Sources: Why you can’t forget , Muscle Memory


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